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Company Origin and Key Milestones

Covision Group has had a long and interesting history. Covision Funeral Home was established in 1980 in the Free State province of South Africa. Initially the group traded under the name of Qwaqwa Funerals, which was later changed to SA Funeral Home. Our 35 years of experience in arranging exceptional funerals, and our reputation for providing high-quality and dignified services, have made us a household name in the funeral industry in South Africa.

With our sights set on expansion, we became the first (and only) funeral home in South Africa to build a funeral insurance book and later acquire a licence from the Financial Services Board (FSB) in 2008 to operate an insurance business, trading under the name Covision Life.

In 2011 Covision Life took a strategic decision to sell the life company to Hollard Life and enter in to business arrangement (BA) with Hollard.  After a successful BA arrangement, once again the Covision went on its own and trade under Covision My Life.

In another bold, but logical move, we established a Wealth Management division through which, in partnership with leading asset management companies in South Africa, we offer investment advice and custom crafted investment portfolios aimed at building our customers’ wealth and giving them financial peace of mind.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               .

Through our three divisions – Covision Wealth, Covision My Life and Covision Funeral Service Management – we offer a convenient and comprehensive suite of services catering to your needs at different stages of your life. These could range from saving up to buy your first home or investing in your education, to travelling or planning for your retirement or your family’s wellbeing when you are gone.


Our vision is to be a leading financial services provider known for
providing consistently excellent service providers (OR ‘the leading financial service provider’), committed to providing excellent service and innovative financial solutions that enable our clients to enjoy life to the full.


Our mission is to work closely with our customers to determine their financial needs and priorities and to design investment, insurance and funeral packages that will deliver optimal results as well as peace of mind.


Client Focus

Our clients, their financial needs and aspirations are the cornerstone of our business. Everything we do begins with them.


In today’s fast-paced world, we still attach importance to caring for our staff, our customers and the broader community.


Mutual respect is one of the keys to a great relationship, whether personal or professional.


Nothing is static in life. Markets evolve and needs change. We remain responsive to industry developments and update our service offerings as the need arises.


To survive in the digital age, financial institutions need to remain innovative. We invest heavily in efficiency-enhancing technologies but also in the development of our own team. This means that our clients benefit from smart thinking and innovative solutions.


Ever since COVID-19 made its appearance, South Africa has been on a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. We know from experience that sometimes we need to face challenges head on and find a better way. We also know that we are here to stay.